z Translations (work in progress)

The new English translation of the Mass has received a mixed reception. There are a lot of people who think it is absolutely marvellous. Indeed, the official view all over the place is that it is so much better. Others are less enthusiastic.

I have been intrigued to see what happens if one attempts to capture the sense of some of the text, doing justice to theological implications (particularly those good old Tridentine anxieties about the balance between merit and grace), biblical references and implicit imagery, but trying to use simpler English, and avoiding the more pompous-sounding religious-ese and a slavish adherence to the sentence structures of medieval Latin. Difficult to do, and these are not always successful, but if you want a flavour of how things might have sounded, here is some of the text for the first three weeks of Advent.

Alternative Translations Advent 1
Alternative translations, 2nd Sunday of Advent
Alternative translations Advent 3
Alternative Translation Eucharistic Prayer two
More anon.