Thinking Faith Articles (2008 – 2013)

These are articles produced over the last few years for the British Jesuit online journal Thinking Faith

Catholicism and Modern Thought

Reasonable Catholicism: Interpreting the whole text

This one is about interpreting text – not just the Bible, but other official text as well

The Church and the Dialogue with Science

Speaks for itself – this was a lecture given at Living Theology in the UK in 2008

Prophecy and progress in ethics

This one looks at the way non-theistic philosophy is trying to recover one of the ancient purposes of philosophy: to recommend a way of living in the world. It attempts to see points of convergence with the Christian tradition.

A hermeneutic of discontinuity.

This is a response to a slogan and the accompanying ideas that had become very popular with Catholics seeking a ‘restoration’ to an older and supposedly more authentic form of Catholicism

Ezra and the Age of Clear Teaching

An attempt to analyse the legacy of Benedict the XVI and the shape of Catholicism at the beginning of the 21st Century

Social and Cultural

Marriage: What’s in a name?

Trying to think through the gay-marriage issue from first principles

What’s your story?

A response to the Tottenham riots in London in summer, 2011 and the wider implications for developing a sense of citizenship. NB I was criticised by an old friend (a geographer) for my loose use of the word ‘area’.

More, more, more?

This is about modern educational management and St Ignatius’ principle of choice sometimes called ‘the magis’ (the ‘more’). The context is the UK but I believe it discusses world-wide phenomena in work relations.

God stuff

God is three and God is one

Ways of thinking about the Trinity for beginners

Joy to the World? Reflections from Beirut on Advent 2012

What does Christian hope mean in the real world –