Merry Christmas

And thanks to all of you who have cast your eye over the ramblings on this site.  I hope some of them are of some help in your own process of thinking through stuff.  Those of us who come from faith traditions have a duty to try and think well, though there is a temptation to restrict our endeavours to loyally rehearsing what we have been told.  It can, after all, be very upsetting – for us and for those around us – when we get results that don’t neatly fit official versions of truth.  But if there is a God who cares about this world that we are struggling to share together, any simple formulae for talking about him, her, them are unlikely to be the whole story.  There’s thinking with the Church and there’s thinking for the Church.  Both have their place, but the latter is a service not just to a faith community, but to humanity.  So have courage – there is a cloud of witnesses to this dynamic in every faith tradition.  Keep thinking, keep exploring and do it with compassion, wide vision, imagination and love.

Merry Christmas one and all,


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