Dear Reader,

Thanks for looking in.  Over the following weeks I’ll be making ten essays available here. They are written to help Catholics who are puzzled by the tone and content of exchanges between Church and State in recent years, particularly in Europe and the US.  In them I will be making frequent reference to Iain McGilchrist’s thought-provoking book The Master and His Emissary.  The essays do not aim to refute official Church teaching on any matter.   This would be futile.  Church teaching is what it is.  Nor do they claim to represent the views of the Society of Jesus at large. They are simply the attempt of one Catholic Christian to make sense of the ways we argue in public at this point in the twenty-first century.  I hope they will contribute to wider reflection and I hope that reflection will make things better for everyone.  I also hope that you will find them an enjoyable read.  If you do find them helpful, please pass them on.

An Introduction to Porcupines  available
Vile Bodies available (with appendix on the Theology of the Body)
Pedagogy of the Liturgy available
Life and Death available
A Sense of Sin available (with appendix on Derek Parfit’s ‘On What Matters’)
Ekklesia and Revolution available
Enlightenment available
Orthology available
Strange Beauty available
A Day Out   available

John Moffatt SJ is the author of ‘The Philosopher’s Friend and Tales of Detection’ and ‘Beyond the Catechism’.  ‘The Resurrection of the Word’, a substantial rewrite of BTC, is soon due to be published by ‘The Way’ books.  He also contributes occasionally to ‘Thinking Faith’, the online journal of the British Jesuits.

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